Dark Raven (gothicdarkraven) wrote,
Dark Raven

Mentality and Control

i see these killers, rapests, and what such all the time... "oh i couldn't control myself" & "it was someone elses fault"

i could so easily be come a serial Killer or worse i have that residual urge to slaughter anyone who does me wrong, but what sets me pout side of say the BTK killer
self control, yeah i've had my violent moments and i can control that way i think too

should i be imprisoned? for what? i have not killed anyone and don't intend on it
if anyone should die let it be me

i might be off my rocker today...
might be suffering from yet another break up
might not be

but this time it's different... this time i just don't care

i'll just move along and hope that every one is happy, after all if i waish everyone happyness then i set my self higher twords perfection

thats my senceless rant 4 the day... leave a comment
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