Dark Raven (gothicdarkraven) wrote,
Dark Raven

ho hum

my goal in life is to be came as selfless as possible.. some would say cool, some would say i'm crying out for attention, some would say i'm selfish

all i want to do is help others open there eyes and see that being happy dose not involve having to date or anything...

is it truly that hard to except someone as they are and want nothing more from then but friendship and platonic love?

so many ppl scream and bitch about how they were hurt and don't want a sexual relationship, then when one person who just wants then to be happy, they go berserk and stalk you wanting a sexual relationship and for what? all you want is fro then to be happy and be there friend....

you dump your bf or gf due to a fight, or cheating, or some other idea.. and a big war
where was the love?

what is love?

we cry over split milk

we pre judge

and we over react

yet here i stand alone wanting only for you to wale up and be happy...

be my friend......

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I'll be changing my journal name within a week or so keep tabs if you wanna stay in contact... i love you all

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